Strong Quality Utility Cord
and Poly, Nylon, and Sisal Rope

Shop Elkins Builder’s Supply, Builders Center Philippi, and Builders Center Petersburg for chain and rope to meet your hoisting, fastening, and utility uses around the home or construction site. Our extensive selection includes all types, materials, and grades of strong quality clothesline, cotton and twine cord, manila, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, and sisal rope in single, double, and diamond braid, hollow, laid/twisted, and plaited types, as well as treated options in many colors and strengths.

High Load Limit Stainless, Welded, Weldless, and Tow Chain

We have all the chain you need. Choose from many styles, sizes, grades, and working load limits of stainless steel, weldless, welded, powder-coated, ball, tow chain, and many others. We also carry a large selection of attachment hardware and accessories, including S hooks, links, shackles, swivels, rings, and everything else to complete your project safely and with peace-of-mind.