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Safeguard What Matters Most

Elkins Builder’s Supply, Builders Center Philippi, and Builders Center Petersburg offer local homeowners access to advanced home security equipment that is in-stock and ready for installation today! Protecting your family, valuables, and property is always worth the investment.

Deter Burglars and Criminals

Whether you are young or old, live alone, or have a family to protect, installing a home security system is one of the best moves you can make to deter a break-in by a burglar or criminal with bad intent. In a study conducted by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, over 90% of criminals reported that if they planned to target a home, they would abandon their scheme if they discovered that the property was secured with an alarm or home security system.

Fire, Flood, and Equipment Breakdown Alarms

Aside from deterring crime, home security options are available to alert you of many threats to your home and family, such as fire, flood, and equipment malfunction. Options are available to monitor for smoke, water leaks, and security breaches at all access points and immediately send a report directly to your smartphone. Don’t take chances. Safeguard what matters most with the peace of mind that can only come from an advanced home security system from Elkins Builder’s Supply, Builders Center Philippi, and Builders Center Petersburg.

Personal Home Security Assistance in Elkins, Philippi, and Petersburg, WV

Shop our online store, or call or visit any of our three locations for personalized assistance with all of your home security equipment needs. Elkins Builder’s Supply, Builders Center Philippi, and Builders Center Petersburg carry premium security options from only the finest manufacturers, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best equipment in its class. From bump-resistant and Bluetooth locks to remote monitoring software, lighting, cameras, alarms, and complete home security solutions, we have what you need to secure your home!

Are you having trouble finding the best home security solution for your home or business? Contact us for prompt, personalized assistance at: (304) 636-2640. We are pleased to assist you every step of the way!