Water, Gas, Drain, High-Heat,
Pressure, and Beverage Supply Lines

Keep water and gas flowing smoothly and without leaks with premium quality pipes, valves, and fittings from Elkins Builder’s Supply, Builders Center Philippi, and Builders Center Petersburg. We strive to have all standard water, gas, drain, and beverage supply lines in-stock, and can promptly order in whatever you need for your bulk or specialty project. All of our manufacturers have reputations for producing quality products that you can depend on.

Plumb Pak ®
Waste King®
Abbott Rubber®
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry

PVC, CPVC, Black Pipe, ABS, Copper, Polyethylene, Brass, and More

Choose the material that best suits your requirements:

  • ABS DWV: Waste drains and vents; Higher heat capacity than PVC
  • Black Iron and Steel: Gas lines and heating
  • Brass: Hot water and water heaters
  • Copper: Water lines, water heaters, bathtub & shower supply lines
  • CPVC: Hot & cold water lines
  • Galvanized: Water lines, sewage, and well pumps
  • Polyethylene: Cold water and irrigation
  • PVC: Plumbing, drains, vents, and irrigation
  • Vinyl: Gases, chemicals, and liquid acids, solvents, and alkalis

Toilet Repair, Drain Opener, Water Filters and Garbage Disposals

Elkins Builder’s Supply, Builders Center Philippi, and Builders Center Petersburg carry a comprehensive selection of toilet repair supplies, wax rings, epoxy putties, hoses, tapes, sealants, cements, sill cocks and handles, drain cleaners/openers, root killer, water filters, water softeners, garbage disposals and supplies, heavy-duty polyethylene corrugated tubing and fittings, all brass fittings, stops, nipples, etc., and hundreds of copper fittings are in-stock for your convenience. Let us know if you need something that you do not see in your local store or online. Stop in or call to place your order: (304) 636-2640.