Attractive Property Boundaries with Style

“Great fences make great neighbors”

Your fence is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of your property. It is not only an important boundary. Your choice of fence style – and maintenance – says a lot about you. Elkins Builder’s Supply, Builders Center Philippi, and Builders Center Petersburg offer several choices of fencing to help keep your property secure, obscured from unwanted invasions of privacy, and attractive from all angles.

Dog Ear Fencing

Our most popular fencing choice is dog-ear fencing. This traditional wooden style is beautifully appealing and compliments all architectural styles. Choose dog-ear fencing and enjoy a virtually limitless layout design with pre-assembled panels and/or individual pickets. This type of fencing is ideal for flat terrain as well as hills of all grades. The natural appearance of the wood can be maintained with a clear protective coat, stain, or paint to complement your home.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Many of our customers prefer the easy maintenance and longevity of vinyl privacy fencing. Although classic white remains an attractive and popular choice, you are no longer limited to the plain white vinyl fence. Many style and design options are available for order with prompt delivery. Heavy-duty solid, lattice, colored vinyl, and specialty design and functional options are available. Enhance your home with the increased privacy and security of a quality fence today for a more comfortable tomorrow.

Chain Link Fencing

If performance, durability, and value are priorities, you just can’t go wrong with classic chain link fencing. This practical style can be customized to meet just about any fencing need you may have. Despite its many components such as stakes, posts, wires, and brackets, chain link fencing remains a perennial wise buy thanks to its relative ease of installation and overall material and installation cost value. This fencing is designed to endure for many years with minimal maintenance, saving you significant time, money, and hassle. Choose chain link fencing to delineate property lines, help restrict entry/egress, and enhance the security of your residential or light commercial property. Let us know what your intended use is, and we can provide you with more information about current available material and coating options.

Call or stop in to learn more about your fencing options or to place an order. Contact us at: (304) 636-2640.